My learning this year as a CORE ED efellow.

I chose to investigate 'hyperconnectivity' because I am active in nodes of community such as efellows, Myportfolio, Superclubsplus, Virtual Learning Network, myLGP, Twitter, Facebook, Wikispaces, Google+, ICTPD. These community groups contribute to learning by mashing and rehashing what is seen, heard, and experienced through multiliteracies.

SOLO Taxonomy is the learning theory that has most influenced me as a teacher and as a learner. SOLO allows me to identify where I am with my teaching and learning. SOLO HOT maps and rubrics the learning framework developed by Hooked on Thinking and is used as part of my pedagogical approach because they allow me to make connections with my learning.
I will show you how I use SOLO Taxonomy HOT maps and rubrics to make connections with my teaching and learning in my online spaces.

This wikispace allows me to document my learning during my years journey as an efellow and show how my thinking evolves.