Discussion with SOLO Mentor

My learning is multistructural because I can discuss my ideas but at this stage my learning is listed.
Since creating this video, I have redesigned my wikispace and have written a few blogs about my learning.
This video shows how I use a SOLO mentor as a learning guide to clarify my direction and to help me identify my next steps using SOLO Taxonomy HOT maps and rubrics. In this video is Virginia Kung who is Assistant Principal of Newmarket school and also one of our lead facilitators for SOLO Taxonomy.
I also have this page on myportfolio and that page has teachers and Pam Hook, from Hooked on Thinking, giving me feedback and suggestions that have helped frame my understanding and identified my next learning.

I have been creating a wikispace as evidence for my 2011 year as a Core Education efellow. The topic I chose to investigate has been Hyperconnectivity. I am interested in this area as the idea of following the online breadcrumbs via my personal learning network twitter has enable me to acquire an extensive amount of learning that I would not usually get in the use of web 2 tools for teaching and learning. One key idea in preparation for the discussion was creating a SOLO taxonomy rubric to structure my learning about Hyperconnectivity. I was also prepared to allow my thinking to change or be influenced by evidence of what I read or by any discussion I had. I asked Virginia to give me feedback during my early exploration into the area and our discussion enabled me to clarify my thought process. I found it interesting to use audio as adding images to the audio allowed me to re-listen to the conversation. Each listening enabled further learning and understanding on my growing knowledge. The amount of time creating the video was extensive as I am relatively new to using the tools of updated versions of imovie, garage band and iphoto. However I would use a similar tool again to reflect on my learning.
I have since mapped my investigation using a describe map and was interested to see that several of the key ideas matched our schools values. I am in the process of writing an explanation about Hyperconnectivity and will add to the wiki each key area identified.
I already have several evidence of what it looks like but this exercise has been benefitial in clarifying my thinking in order to give me a deeper understanding of the events that have taken place or are taking place in my own professional learning.
I know how important it is to allow learners to create, make connections and be innovative about documenting the learning process. I also know how important feedback is to the process of learning and will endeavor to give constructive feedback when asked.