SOLO Taxonomy Rubric

In order to develop my thinking around my sabbatical, I created a Rubric.
Curating Learning
(Now Pam has created a generator that helps clarify the task so much better.)
Hyperconnectivity and collaboration
Sharing Examples
Extended abstract
Taking linked ideas into another context
SOLO Extended abstract
Sharing at a National and International Level
Global schools sharing

-EG: Flat Classroom, GlobalClassroom project, Quadblogging, Flick it on.

-Presenting at an international conference

-Taking part in virtual global conferences

-Being part of Global Projects
Curate learning using Myportfolio,

Online Mentoring via VLN, Twitter, Facebook, Google+

Coordinating virtual groups eg: VLN, Google groups, Facebook Groups
Online dialogue taking place eg: Twitter, Facebook
Taking part in Twitter Hashtag discussions, Google Hangouts

Giving and receiving feedback using video and audio
Evidence of digital literacies by publishing in several online spaces.

Making connections and sharing using Virtual Learning Network, NING
Linking ideas
SOLO Relational
Sharing at a National Level
Schools sharing
-via cluster groups
-via the internet in national virtual ways (VLN, TeachMeetNZ)
-Presenting at National Conferences
-Being part of cluster groups
eg: Motukoroa,
Publish reflections to blogger
Publish to Youtube
Publish to slideshare
Publish to presentations
Making connections via VLN, twitter, Teacher Facebook
Giving & receiving feedback on writing
from a national mentors
Bringing in more than one idea
SOLO Multi Structural
Sharing at School Level
Several teacher sharing
Teachers sharing in front of the staff and placing their learning in their appraisal folders.
Feedback from one mentor
Bringing in one idea
SOLO Unistructural
Sharing at team level
-Teachers sharing in teams
- listening to one teacher and maybe giving oral feedback
No idea
SOLO Prestructural