Explaining Hyperconnectivity

My learning is relational because I am linking my ideas and making connections to what I know.

Hyperconnectivity an explanation.
Amand David gives this definition of Hyperconnectivity. -to connect yourself into different information and social streams with deft facility – coping with dialogues on multiple channels, and absorbing information at a quick pace. It’ll help you cope with the burgeoning requirement of enterprise to keep tabs and engage with social media conversation, it’ll support your ability to engage with hyperconnected media contacts, it’ll let you be on the edge of what’s happening.

When I first began thinking about the concept of hyperconnectivity. I had a similar understanding that it only involved online communication. Initially my focus was on online work, online places and online discussions. I also focused only on my personal online learning networks. Eg twitter, facebook, linked

Via twitter I came across the Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference website that had this in its summary of their upcoming conferece.
‘People have an innate desire to create, connect and collaborate. Arguably, these are the building blocks of good learning. But to create, connect and collaborate successfully, people need tools, applications, technology.’
I also thought too that hyperconnectivity is when people use the tools, applications and technology to create, connect and collaborate.

However I omitted the space between the connections that also facilitates learning. Spaces that are not necessarily connected and are so visual. Eg: Personal emails, texting, face to face discussions. The nuances of communications that facilitate learning. A smile, a kind or a critical word, the touch of a hand, dinner to show thanks for learning. Praise and words of support from colleagues. Or in the words of Ulises Mejias
networks promote nodocentrism. To ignore the space between connections is like a fish ignoring the water that it swims in.

So what is hyperconnectivity to me. I begin with the online evidence of what I do and add other areas that I have been involved in this year.

Superclubslus and Hyperconnectivity
I organised a global online forum for teachers and children and my focus was on needing to be connected online to show ‘real learning.’ Yes I have the evidence of the success and next learning steps of the event and of using the tools, applications and technology to create, connect and collaborate.
However the real learning was in meeting face to face with the author, holding video skype sessions with Superclubsplus Australia, having the teachers and schools involved agree to support me in being part of the online event, having the National library staff work alongside me to ensure the success of this first New Zealand event.

Myportfolio and Hyperconnectivity.
I have been involved in guiding our school in bringing staff onboard using this learning system. I am excited and motivated by our early steps. But again if I turn away from being ‘plugged in’, my real learning involves the face to face support I see happening around me as our teachers work with each other to produce examples of their own learning to be shared across school using myportfolios. My learning is about the face to face feedback I receive from staff about how I work with them, it is about the support and trust I receive from staff to take them on this new journey into an area that for some is still unknown and a little scary. It is about meeting pioneers using myportfolio who encourage me with personal emails and feedback on my writing and even texting me or phoning me to discuss learning.

The efellowship and Hyperconnectivity.
This year 2011, I was priviledged in being selected as a Cored Education efellow. We meet regularly using the online tools, applications and technology to create, connect and collaborate. We have trialed some of the online tools eg: google docs and google plus, even the setting up of our online wiki. But again it is the face to face sessions of master classes that have been where the greatest learning has taken place. We have traveled together as a group, learnt together and shared our accommodation. The master classes have enabled us to experience the laughter and tears of our personal learning. We have learnt about using social media to broadcast our work, how to present ourselves as speakers and from each other we have learnt how to use some new applications and technology to connect and collaborate.

Reform Symposium Virtual World Conference and Hyperconnectivity.
Well here is one event that surely can not get past being connected online. This global even took place in July of this year. The online conference had 80 presenters and 12 keynote speakers and most of the organization took place using social media and networks. The event was attended by several thousand people world wide. But again the real learning for me happened with a personal email, video skype sessions and a real lesson on awareness of using technology without the nuances of physical contact and how to support this important part of learning. The personal human contact came through as being the most important part of involvement in #rscon3

Defining hyperconnectivity
So again, what is hyperconnectivity. I searched globally to further my personal understanding. However the understanding was already at my fingertips. The definition is summed up beautifully in our Newmarket School Curriculum Plan under our key concepts. Each concept underpins the key words I identified with hyperconnectivity when I used a SOLO HOT Describe map to unpack my understanding in order to define my growing understanding of the term. The following sections looks at these key ideas and highlights where our school’s key concepts support my key ideas.

Hyperconnectivity is about making connections. By making connections to what I know I am confident in sharing what hyperconnectivity is. I am strong in my ideas because I have evidence of what I know through discussions and readings. Therefore I am confident when I explain what hyperconnectivity mean.
Turangawaewae - a place to stand

Hyperconnectivity is about creating events that bring people together. Through creating events relationships are strengthened and further connections are made with learning at hosting and taking part in events.
Whanaungatanga - relationships and connectedness

Hyperconnectivity is about collaboration. Through the use of social online and offline networks, an event or sharing is more successful when more than one person is present. So when people come together through the generosity of spirit and of sharing, respect is present because people are involved.
Manaakitanga – generosity of spirit and respect

Hyperconnectivity is about Mulitilitearcies. The use of a variety of medium both electronic and non electronic to communicate with and also to record with.
Whakataukī – stories, proverbs and communication

Hyperconnectivity is about leadership. We need to continually search out ways to grow leadership both personally and in others. This requires determination and self- management.
Tino rangatiratanga - self-management and determination

Hyperconnectivity involves nodes of groups. With this involvement in social groups comes responsibilities. The responsibility to look after oneself and look after each other both on and off line. So hyperconnectivity is about guardianship and nurturing. Kaitiakitanga – guardianship

Hyperconectivity is about reflection. Ongoing reflection allows learning to progress to a deeper level of understanding. Reflection is the gift of learning. Reflection allows growth and change to take place.
Taonga - a treasured thing

Overall hyperconnectivy is more than the tools, applications and technology. Hyperconnectivity is about relationships and connections. Hyperconnectivity is whanaungatanga or bringing people together to plan, collaborate and celebrate together. Hyperconnectivity is about making connections with each other and with who we are. Hypeconnectivity is a complex sets of relationships between members of social systems at all scales, from interpersonal to international. Hyperconnectivity is about people. In Samoan we say Va Fealofani or relationships.