Junction of evidence

Here is where you can see evidence of hyperconnectivity.

The purpose of this global event was for online schools to meet face to face. The event was also for teachers and children to work collaboratively, for invited guests to network, to launch a New Zealand author on Superclubsplus and to raise global awareness about the International year of forest and birds. I will take time to seek out the teachers involved in this event and speak with them at Ulearn.

This site is for Newmarket School teachers to use myportfolio for discussion and to share learning. I am beginning to give feedback but will now also follow up with a personal face to face approach.

This link is my reflection of the Reform Symposium Virtual World Conference.
This global even took place in July of this year. The online conference had 80 presenters and 12 keynote speakers and most of the organization and collaboration took place using social media and networks. If I added the space between the nodes here I think that I would need to work alongside teachers who are just learning about this online evironment. Initially I will continue to be a mediator. My own learning has been heightened about the disadvantages of online communication so I will plan carefully to ensure that any online delegates who take part are not just an online name on a list. This area is still relatively new to me so more personal reading and preparations is required.

This wiki is for Pacific Teachers to collaborate online for a cause to preserve our languages. I have taken an online approach here and asked to remain from being involved with face to face meetings. Now I realise that I can do more. Particularly with mentoring our new Pacific teachers. So again, I will seek out my colleagues and take a more human approach.

This page is Newmarket School's page on Superclubplus. The site is a social networking site for children. Children communicate and learn together in a safe online environment. There are lots of Nodes of networking that happens here. I communicate extensively with the children online both as a teacher and as an online mediator. But now realise I can make more of an effort to communicate with them offline.

This site is for teachers and children to share their enviro journey. Our next collaborative entry will be the enviro highlight of 2011.
Our senior classes will visit Orakei Marae, Tiritirimatangi, the beach to clean and maintain environments in our local community. For our next project I have asked to work alongside the teachers and the children on the sites. Rather than just document what has happened I will be taking part actively and in particularly by mentoring our younger teachers as they organise, plan and carry out the events.

This site is for efellows to share their learning journey. The site also has a link to applications to next years intake.
I am a 2011 efellow. We have learned a lot online. But our greatest learning has been our personal journey of self growth. We have formed a social connection and look out for each other on and off line.