The SOLO Learner

This page is to visually create my learning using the SOLO Taxonomy framework.
Extended Abstract
This is my next step.

Using an evaluate HOT Map I will investigate the question..
How do we re-approach nearness?

Further concepts about hyperconnectivity will be investigated and evidence provided for each statement generated. When I visit my list of readings, there are several researchers who write glowingly about the positives of being connected online. However there are very few critics. I am particularly interested in the critics of online learning. I particularly enjoy reading their challenging statements. These include
Sherry Turkle, Mark Pesce, Larry Cuban, Artichoke, and Ulises Ali Mejias.
If you read this and know any more, please let me know.

The second section of my investigation will be to link and compare what I know to something else that is similar. We are an enviro school and I can already see links between ignoring the black space between the nodes and ignoring the environment as we keep building, drilling and plundering our resources.
Overall I am exciting at continuing this investigation.
Read my explanation here.

I can define and explain what hyperconnectivity is. I can use linking words in my explanation.

This is where my thinking is after several months of readings, discussions and attending master class sessions. I had also been active online in a variety of places and actively sought feedback on my progress and my thinking about hyperconnectivity.
For this section I created a HOT Rubric.

A discussion was held with my SOLO mentor to help guide my thinking.

I am able to list my ideas about hyperconnectivity and I can list online evidence for hyperconnectivity.
Hyperconnectivity is when people use the tools, applications and technology to create, connect and collaborate.
It is when you connect yourself into different information and social streams.
In order to be a successful learner you need to be connected and use
the tools, applications and technology.
I built this wikispace.

I organised and ran an online global session as evidence for my investigation.
This was where I was at at the beginning of the efellow master class.

Hyperconnectivity is when people use the tools, applications and technology to create, connect and collaborate
What is hyperconnectivity?
I was interested in learning more about Hyperconnectivity.
I first heard this term during the Reform Symposium Virtual World Conference.