Nodes of Hyperconnectivity -

Welcome to the next stage of my investigation.
Extended Abstract
This page is my next steps.
My learning will be extended abstract because I will critique Hyperconnectivity.
I will have run another online event. However this time I will focus on the space between the nodes.
I will focus more on face to face social relationships and highlight this more.
The online product will take less of a focus as I work more on relationship building and communication.
I will aim for 'whakatauki' or the sharing of the story and the live communication.
I will also reflect on my learning journey using an evaluate HOT Map as I investigate; 'How do we re-approach nearness?'
Update 2013
I created TeachMeetNZ.
I was privileged to meet Mark Pesce at Ulearn2013.
Mark influenced my thinking around Hyperconnectivity moving my thinking from gadgets to relationships. I followed him of twitter since 2011 and downloaded his book Hyperpolitics. I read and reread sections and still I am learning.
Ulises Ali Mejias’s post on The Tyranny of Nodes


These are my ;wonder' questions.
I wonder......
What face to face communication and physical human contacts are we missing out on as we continue to encourage online communities for teaching and learning?
How can we balance our lives with our home in the clouds and our homes on earth?
What relationships are there with embracing electronic communication with embracing the use of oil?
How are we raising our children's awareness about impact of human consumption on the environment and human online impact personal relationships or the 'black space between the nodes?'
Why is raising the notion of hyperconnnectivity important?

Overall my journey with hyperconnectivity has evolved from my early understanding of
A teenager hyperconnecting using Computer- Facebook, Ipad- Skype, Iphone- Text.
Now my understanding of Hyperconnectivity is about relationships we build and how we build them.
The Samoan word is Va fealofani and in Maori it is Hā mauri.